After the judging of the classes in each division, all exhibitors wishing to participate in showmanship
            contest may do so.  Categories are Juniors (age 14 and under) and Seniors (age 15 and over).  
           Awards will be made on basis of showmanship, neatness of exhibitor and attractiveness, show condition
           and ring behavior of animals.

           Exhibitors must show their own animals.  Substitute exhibitors will not be eligible for
           showmanship competition.


           An FFA or 4-H exhibitor planning to show livestock and/or rabbits, who is making failing grades or
           who is ill may submit a written request that a substitute exhibitor be allowed to show his/her animal.  
           The document must state that the owner of the animal in question is failing a course and will not be
           allowed to show his animal.  The request must give the name of the substitute exhibitor and must
           also be signed by the following:  Vocational Agriculture teacher or County Agent, under whose
           supervision the project was raised, one of the exhibitor’s parents, and the substitute exhibitor requesting
            the substitution.  The substitute must also meet all other requirements for an FFA member of 4H
           member to be able to participate in the Starr County Youth Fair.  A substitute will be allowed to
           show for only one exhibitor in a division.  

           The Executive Committee of the Livestock Show may use its own discretion as to whether a substitute
           will be allowed.  Substitutions may be allowed in other circumstances
            (illness, death of a family member, etc.) in the discretion of the Executive Committee.

   To:         Superintendent of___________________________________________________________________________
                                                                           Name of Division

   From: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                           Name of Exhibitor

   Name of FFA Chapter or 4-H Club__________________________________________________________________

   I hereby request that ________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                           (Name of Substitute exhibitor)

   be allowed to show my  _______________________________________________ as I am not eligible to
                                                                   (type of project)

   show my project at the _______________ Starr County Youth Fair for the following reason:



   SIGNED ________________________________________________        DATE _________________________________

   SIGNED ________________________________________________        DATE _________________________________
                                  County Agent or Ag. Science Teacher

   SIGNED ________________________________________________        DATE _________________________________
                                           Parent of Exhibitor